Have You Faced a Disability Denial?

Your Gateway to SSDI Appeal Success is with Attorney Jared E. Everton in Arizona.
Each year, millions of individuals with disabilities seek benefits from the Social Security Administration. Unfortunately, the initial claims process proves challenging, with over 70% of applicants experiencing denials. In 2018, SSA field offices across th e U.S. received over 2 million disability applications, yet only 733,879 were approved. Notably, those who engaged disability attorneys from the outset exhibited a higher success rate compared to those who navigated the process without legal support. Altho ugh many denied SSDI benefits are genuinely disabled, errors, omissions, and communication mishaps often hinder success. While some persevere by applying for reconsideration and appealing unfavorable decisions, others, disheartened, choose to forgo the pro cess, continuing to face financial challenges. For those who opt to pursue their disability claims, enlisting the expertise of an SSDI attorney significantly enhances their chances of overturning a denial. Recent surveys indicate that 60% of individuals wh o retained disability lawyers secured benefits at the ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) hearing level, contrasting with a 34% success rate for those without legal representation. If individuals are appealing denials, the heightened success rates observed amon g those with disability attorneys stem from the lawyers’ familiarity with the claims process and their ability to construct robust disability cases.

Why SSDI Claims Get Denied:

Even if you are undoubtedly eligible for SSDI benefits, the SSA’s denial rate i s a significant hurdle. Understanding the reasons behind these denials is crucial for a successful appeal. Our experienced attorney, Jared E. Everton, specializes in navigating these challenges and is here to guide you through the intricate process.

Our Approach:

At JacksonWhite Law, with Jared E. Everton leading our Arizona team, we recognize the frustration and anxiety that accompanies an SSDI denial. Our team is committed to providing personalized, effective legal solutions tailored to your unique situat ion. With years of experience, we have successfully assisted numerous clients in overturning SSDI denials.

Your First Step: Filing a Request for Reconsideration

If you’ve received a denial, the first crucial step is filing a Request for Reconsideration. Missing the 60-day deadline could lead to restarting the application process. We
specialize in navigating these timelines, ensuring your appeal is timely and

Timeliness is Key:

Our team emphasizes the importance of filing your appeal within the 60 - day window to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving SSDI benefits.

Understand the Denial Reason:

Our attorney will analyze the denial letter to understand why your claim was rejected, allowing us to gather evidence effectively.

Accurate Paperwork Submission:

Our team emphasizes the importance of filing your appeal within the 60 - day window to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving SSDI benefits.

Strong Medical

Our team assists in comp iling comprehensive medical records to support your case, ensuring the SSA has a complete understanding of your condition.

Crafting a Compelling Appeal Letter:

We help you draft an impactful appeal letter to supplement the official form, ensuring your rea sons for appeal are well - communicated.

Legal Representation Matters:

Hiring knowledgeable SSDI attorney Jared E. Everton, significantly increases your chances of success. We answer your questions, ensure timely paperwork filing, and represent you at any hearings.

Next Steps: Beyond Reconsideration

Understanding the subseque nt stages in the appeals process is crucial for SSDI applicants. We will guide you through the process, ensuring you are well - prepared at every stage.

Consult with Jared E. Everton, SSDI Appeal Attorney Today:

Facing an SSDI denial can be disheartening, bu t with the right legal support, your chances of success significantly improve. If you need assistance navigating the SSDI appeals process, our experienced SSDI attorney, Jared E. Everton is ready to help. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling our office at 480 - 568 - 3272 or filling out our online form

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